The Taste of Minnesota

This year the Taste of Minnesota held their festivities in Waconia again.  I didn’t go last year but, I heard a lot of people talking about it!  This year I received a free ticket of admission so, I decided to go.  There was no standing line so I got in right away.  They checked my purse for whatever, they thought I may have within my purse, nothing was found to be of violation to them!  There weren’t  very many people on the grounds.  They had at least 40 outdoor bathrooms, however, I only saw a couple in use.  The ticket lines had no one standing to purchase tickets.  The vendors looked bored and had high prices on their items, “For Sale!”  I then, heard some music so I ventured over to listen, with a small group attending. Then, I came to the kids section, there were rides, as I looked up at one of the rides that was going, it was revolving but, no one was on it!  The, I came upon another water event you could try and the ticket was $10.00!    Then, I wondered to the food section, to find the food priced so high I couldn’t comprehend their pricing!  I slowly left the event thinking, “how does one afford to go to their function?”  Anyone that I have talked to has said that it is to costly and they are right.  They are going to loose their attendance and their function is going to funnel to the ground!  I will not attend again, like most folks are choosing not to go as well!!  I will attend community events with my family instead!!

It’s time to go to our local parades!

It’s time to grab your lawn chair and a cold beverage and have a great time at any local parade!  Weekend after weekend, the local towns are sharing their beautiful floats and anything else that represents their town.  Then, of course the candy goes flying in all directions.  Ya got to have a tootsie roll for starters!  It takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate a parade so everything runs smoothly.  So, get out there and have fun and enjoy all the festivities the local towns have to offer!!  Have a great summer!!

Happy Summer!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!  Try to get out as much as possible and enjoy the vitamin D, that we all need!  This time of the year, it’s fun to grab a pole and do some fishing, golfing, softball, and yard games, this is also on the agenda for a lot of folks!  There are so many outdoor sports to be doing this time of the year.  Don’t forget to start-up your grill to smell the aroma of brats, chicken, hot dogs, steak, etc.  Also, do not forget to relax and have some down time for yourself in a lawn chair with a cold beverage!  Whatever, you choose to do, have fun and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible!!

Another year done with Winstock!

As, Winstock  approaches, I’m glad to see it come and I’m glad to see it go!!  The growing of Winstock has made it harder to get around with in the area.  The music has always been a high light but, the music needs to be turned down a tad!  It’s hard to speak to one another!  The camp sites are slowly growing as well.  The aroma of all the food makes you want to smack your lips!  Alabama, gave the best show as thousands of people packed within the music venue to watch and listen to a spectacular show!! Alabama sang their hearts out and amazed the spectators!  It was a good weekend for weather this year!  Hope everyone got home safely and enjoyed themselves!

The Catholic Church makes “Headlines”, again!!!

It’s been a steady flow of articles in the Star Tribune about the Catholic Church and all their sexual misconduct!!  Wow, and their our Priestly leaders and are trained to give us guidance!  Excuse me!  I am so glad it has been a full blown episode as, their needs to be some closure, healing, and accountability for what was done!!  The Priests that found sexual misconduct a fun activity will now pay the price!  Those in “top” leadership who pushed this under the rug, should be considered accessories to the criminal outcome as well!  They should be treated just like a common person off the street, no slap on the hands!  Put them in Prison, jail them, whatever it takes to get the message across to them!  These poor children who had to live with this mental cloud, day after day.  To me, this was a God thing, he saw what was going on and “Bang” he knew how to make it a full blown story, for all of us to read about weekly.  Just think about all the money that is being spent to help these children and adults recover, that’s “if” they recover from such a devastation with in the Catholic Church.  The stories of what they did sexually with these children, was beyond my comprehension.  May God bless the Attorney’s for all their efforts and time, in solving this incredible  criminal crimes these Priest have bestowed upon us!!

Let’s make our world good!!

As, I listen to the radio, read the paper, watch TV,  or just listen in conversation, I most often am disgusted with how our world is changing.  We need to keep the good going in the right direction and “stop” the bad choices from becoming a reality before our eyes!  Here are a few items that bother me the most, Abortion, abusive behavior-killing others, drugs, Same sex Marriage, scams, stealing, sexual misconduct, welfare, missing persons, Divorce, mental problems, bomb threats, shootings in schools, Texting, DWI driving, etc.  There are a lot of things that need to be worked on to make our country a safe and wonderful place to live in.  I’ve noticed how the most love able people are being killed by people they don’t even know.  How do we Educate our people to bring peace into our world and good for all?  I sometimes wonder how people can live their lives wanting to do bad in our society?  There has to be someway we, as citizens can teach others to do the right things in life.  Wouldn’t God be pleased with His creation if we tried a little harder?

It’s Garage Sale Season

It’s that time of the year, to clean out your closets and have that garage sale!  Everyone is looking for good deals so, why have all your treasures piled up, when you can try and sell some of your items and make a little cash on the side.  It’s also interesting to see what sells and what doesn’t.  You just never know what people are looking for now days?  Baby items are popular as, the stores mark their items so ungodly high that it’s hard to afford some things when first starting out.  Antiques, are also a feature folks are looking for.  No matter what, people are looking for bargins on just about anything.  Have a fun day garage sailing  or having the sale and making a little bit extra!!