Come & join in on the Winsted Festivities!!!

On August 13th & 14th, the Winsted festivities will be well on their way!  Come, and join us for a few beers, bean bag, music, great food, dunk tank, children’s parade, the grand parade, children’s frozen T-shirt contest, peddle pull, and just all the fun and laughter!!  This is the best time of the year to rejoin with friends and family you haven;t seen in awhile!!  Come, bring a lawn chair, grab a beverage and reminisce the day away!!  Also, come, to the “Concession Ticket Booth” and purchase some tickets, to buy some of the wonderful food they have available this year!!  Come one, come all, to the Winsted Festival Festivities!!!

Summer fun!!

I have seen so many pictures on FB and everyone is out having some kind of fun time!!  I see a lot of relaxing photo’s or folks by the beach playing with the kids, how fun is that???  We are all swamped and stressed, that when I saw these photo’s, it was like a breath of fresh air!  We all need to take the time and do these types of outings.  Get away from it all and do something that’s good for the mind and soul.  The camp fire is also a wonderful place to bond with family and make those memories that no one can take from us!  Have a great summer and find times to socialize in a different manner before summer is gone, then, it’s to late!!!

Beating the heat!!

If you’ve ever been over-heated, high temperatures of heat will not be your friend!!  Best to stay indoors and drink a lot of water.  Find a good movie, book, or a relaxing chair and chill-out!!  Being in the heat can cause heat exhaustion, head aches, nausea, and turmoil to your day!   Elderly folks also need to be watched for dehydration!  Now, that we had a spell of rain and thunder showers, the weather should cool down and be a little bit more comfortable for all of us!!  Just remember to drink water and stay in doors when the heat is at it’s best!!!

Texting while driving!!

Texting while driving is starting to become an unsafe trend!!  There has been so many accidents caused due to texting, why can’t people pull over to the road side and make those calls, instead of putting people at risk of being hurt or killed?  It takes only seconds to swerve to either side of the road when your looking down and texting!  In our area there was an accident caused by someone who was texting and hit someone on a bike!  She left behind two young children and her husband, who now, has to figure out how to make ends meat because the accident was caused by a person who had no Insurance and the car wasn’t even her’s to be driving!!!  What a mess!!  When sitting in a classroom for behind the wheel training, you were taught to be attentive at all times and hands on the steering wheel and to avoid being disrupted while driving, where has all that knowledge gone too??  We need to set an example to others and remind them, “no, texting & no drinking and driving!!”  How hard is that?  We have to remember that we are accountable for our actions, even if were in a vehicle!!!  Have a happy and safe driving trip!!


4th of July

On July 4th,1776, that day, represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States as a independent nation!  There is nothing more beautiful then seeing our flag wave in mid air as, proud as it can be!!  Red, white, and blue, sending everyone in our nation a message the we are free and should be loyal to our nation!  All the stars and stripes prove we can stand up to most anything!  We should all be supporting our nation with integrity, trust, and honesty.  Living with concrete morals and values!  Giving our nation our utmost admiration for which is stands for, liberty and justice for all!!  Happy 4th of July!!  Enjoy the beautiful fireworks!!!

The President to be?

Our country has taken a beating in the last 5 years, is a mild statement!  Next, we have to figure out who will suit our country’s needs and keep us safe and within moral status!  It’s hard to know who will be the best candidate as, once we vote the person in, they seem to change or forget what they had all promised us!!  We, need God back into the school system, we need some type of gun control, and most importantly, we need morals and good judgement within our Presidential Cabinet.  We, have gone more, backwards, then forwards and it’s time for good solid change for our country!!  Let us all keep in mind that when we vote, at least think about the safety of our country!  We have to stand up, for what is in the best interest for our country and bring peace and harmony back into focus!!

Winstock – 2016

Well, we made it threw another year of Winstock!!!  Despite the heat the weekend served us well!  There’s nothing more enjoyable then listening to out-door country music in the comfort of a lawn chair and a nice cool beverage in hand.  Then, to smell the aroma of cooked foods lingering  as you walk by to check-out the food stands!!  Then, off we go to listen to the music from all the top head liners, giving us all their best performance of the evening!!  Anyway, you look at it, we, all make memories as we celebrated the weekend together.  See ya all next year!!!