Trump is our man all the way!!

Now, that Donald Trump is our new President, things will be happening for our country that we would never expect to have happen!!  Trump is a Christian and when you display love for your fellow mankind, hearts change!  He hasn’t been in office very long to understand the methods he’s going to put the American folks in.  We, do know that things are going to change and that change is going to be good change for the American people!  First, you have to believe and trust President Trump!  He will also deserve to be treated with respect and kindness as he goes on his Presidential journey!  Everything is new and his surrounding have grown much.  One thing to understand is that, his plans encompass all of America!!  We, are the American people and deserve our finest best!!  Always remember, that God has Blessed America!!

The start of the New Year!!

Hear we go again, were off to a fresh start!  We , now begin with 2017.  Every year we wonder, “what’s this year going to be like?”  That always seems to be a million dollar question.  We don’t know from day to day what each day is going to bring.  It’s amazing, how our days are all different, not one being the same.  Some people make New Years Resolutions.  Sometimes, we can go a long time before we crash and have to start all over.  It’s hard to change our habits but, it’s good to know we’re trying to make ourselves better in some way!  Don’t get discouraged, just remember, to start over and try again!  We have 365 days to try to turn our bad habits into good ones!!  Keep chugging along and something positive will happen within your life!!

Christmas is here!

It looks, like most everybody is ready for Christmas!!  A special time of the year to be with friends and family!!  The joining together and creating memories to last a life time!!  Then, to receive gifts that are of your liking, how fun is that?  Most importantly, is remembering that baby Jesus was born unto us, a priceless gift that will last until eternity!  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with friends and family!  Enjoy each other to the fullest!!

Boy, is it cold out there!

Wow!  The temperature has really fallen!!  Dress warm and make sure you have your cell phone with you for safety reasons!!  Some have had power outage, frozen pipes, cars won’t start and just tired of feeling cold!!  Grab a hot chocolate and snuggle up to a good movie or a good book, that’s my remedy for warming up!!  Stay indoors at all cost, if, you don’t have anywhere to go stay indoors!!  Make sure all your pets are in a warm place too!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!  Take care and stay safe and warm!!

Winter is here!

Here we go, we’re off to a winter start with snow knee deep!!  It’s amazing how beautiful snow can make our surrounding look.  The glistening of each snow flake that makes it’s landing, brings on a fresh beginning of the new season, winter!  The temperatures have been low, giving us the need to bundle up, from head to toe, to stay cozy warm.  It’s that time of the year to cuddle up with a good book or movie and grab a cup of hot chocolate and call it a night of relaxing!!  God has blessed us with so many good things to enjoy for the winter months, so take advantage with friends and family and have a good time!!!

You just never know!!

Everyone starts their day wondering how it’s going to be?  Some days start off smooth and then, theirs days that are heck-tick from the get-go!!  Our loved ones surround us with phone calls, letters, e-mails, or perhaps a text.  We, just never know when something is going to happen, whether it be good news or not so good news!  In today’s world we have to keep our loves ones as close as we can to that phone call within reach!  Our society has changed so much that we don’t even know if we can trust our next door neighbor.  Everywhere, a person goes you have safety within your mind!!  On the job, school, dining out, grocery stores, gas stations, shopping malls etc. and the list goes on!  We’re all looking for safety and protection, but how can we achieve that everyday in the world of uncertain surroundings?  All, we can do is keep our eyes open and report any suspicious activity when you see it!  Take a deep breath and Thank God for the start of the day and to keep it safe though-out the day for you, is all we can do!!  Our world is forever changing!!!

President Trump!

I am so glad the election is all over with!!  It was very nerve racking for a bit.  Now, we, as American’s can go forth and bring good things back to our Nation.  President Trump was elected and we are so happy he got the nomination!!!  He will have great things for our country and for our future as well!  So, many things need to be cleaned up and readjusted from when President Obama was in.  We, all want a great Nation and a safe Nation at peace as well!  May God give him the tools to show us all that he can turn around our country and make it great again!!  God Bless America!!  We, are so happy that Trump is our “New” President!!