Fall is here!

It’s quite obvious that Fall is here!  The air is starting to get a little bit chilly and the trees are showing the best of fall colored leaves!   There’s nothing more eye appealing then watching the fall leaves make their landing to the ground, how beautiful is that?  The fall harvest is at it’s best as well.  Most of the ladies who do canning have completed their task of vegetables, sauces, fruits, jelly’s, and all the above to store for the coming winter months!  The fields are waiting for the tractors to be out in the fields, till all hours of the night, to get their harvest in!  This time of the year, is the most precious time, to inhale and take in that crisp air before the snow comes!  Enjoy, everyday, and look at all the beauty around you, for it’s a wonderful gift from God!!


We are getting closer day by day to getting our President!!  To make a long story short “DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON!”  She is not well and will not be able to handle her term at all!!  We need a President who can at least tell the TRUTH!!  The FBI was even telling lies to back her!!  Oh, my, the FBI got caught by with holding the truth!!  We don’t need illegal people living here either!!  Hillary is one lie after another, steady stream!!  Trump can handle America and all of what goes along with it!!  We, the American people need some one to help defend us with ISIS as well!!  Trump can do that for us!!  We need to get our country back on it’s feet!!  Vote for TRUMP!”

Jacob Wetterling

How does one even begin to tell the story about Jacob Wetterling without shedding a tear?  A young child abducted and robbed of his youth!  For 27 years, the family wondered, prayed , & hoped their child would return.  They never gave up, instead, they helped others who were in the same position or strengthened the state of Minnesota with educating others about the safety for children!  Next, we find a person who know’s where his remains are and leads Police to the site.  What makes a person break that lie they lived with for so long?  A person may wonder how they could have lived each day knowing what they had done!  Don’t we have a mind and heart to determine right from wrong?  Jacob is in a good place with angels all around him!  God bless him and his family for living with “Hope!” for all these years.  The Wetterling family has brought knowledge to so many people with what has happened and has helped others from being abducted.  Jacob will never be forgotten!!

Come & join in on the Winsted Festivities!!!

On August 13th & 14th, the Winsted festivities will be well on their way!  Come, and join us for a few beers, bean bag, music, great food, dunk tank, children’s parade, the grand parade, children’s frozen T-shirt contest, peddle pull, and just all the fun and laughter!!  This is the best time of the year to rejoin with friends and family you haven;t seen in awhile!!  Come, bring a lawn chair, grab a beverage and reminisce the day away!!  Also, come, to the “Concession Ticket Booth” and purchase some tickets, to buy some of the wonderful food they have available this year!!  Come one, come all, to the Winsted Festival Festivities!!!

Summer fun!!

I have seen so many pictures on FB and everyone is out having some kind of fun time!!  I see a lot of relaxing photo’s or folks by the beach playing with the kids, how fun is that???  We are all swamped and stressed, that when I saw these photo’s, it was like a breath of fresh air!  We all need to take the time and do these types of outings.  Get away from it all and do something that’s good for the mind and soul.  The camp fire is also a wonderful place to bond with family and make those memories that no one can take from us!  Have a great summer and find times to socialize in a different manner before summer is gone, then, it’s to late!!!

Beating the heat!!

If you’ve ever been over-heated, high temperatures of heat will not be your friend!!  Best to stay indoors and drink a lot of water.  Find a good movie, book, or a relaxing chair and chill-out!!  Being in the heat can cause heat exhaustion, head aches, nausea, and turmoil to your day!   Elderly folks also need to be watched for dehydration!  Now, that we had a spell of rain and thunder showers, the weather should cool down and be a little bit more comfortable for all of us!!  Just remember to drink water and stay in doors when the heat is at it’s best!!!

Texting while driving!!

Texting while driving is starting to become an unsafe trend!!  There has been so many accidents caused due to texting, why can’t people pull over to the road side and make those calls, instead of putting people at risk of being hurt or killed?  It takes only seconds to swerve to either side of the road when your looking down and texting!  In our area there was an accident caused by someone who was texting and hit someone on a bike!  She left behind two young children and her husband, who now, has to figure out how to make ends meat because the accident was caused by a person who had no Insurance and the car wasn’t even her’s to be driving!!!  What a mess!!  When sitting in a classroom for behind the wheel training, you were taught to be attentive at all times and hands on the steering wheel and to avoid being disrupted while driving, where has all that knowledge gone too??  We need to set an example to others and remind them, “no, texting & no drinking and driving!!”  How hard is that?  We have to remember that we are accountable for our actions, even if were in a vehicle!!!  Have a happy and safe driving trip!!