School shopping is on the way!!

It’s hard to believe, that going back to school is right around the corner!  Running from store to store to look for shoes, note books, backpacks, all the accessories needed for school, to school apparel!  In today’s school system, I’m really wondering how much time it will be, before the pencil will know longer be needed in the classroom?  Lap tops of all design have become very popular, a instrumental tool that could easily wipe -out the common pencil, pen, eraser, and paper if it wanted too!!  The pencil has been used for generations, I can hardly absorb the thought of something taking it’s place.  Artists have used the pencil for autographing pictures, for the lead in the pencil will not fade away when autographed.  What used to be hand held, such as the pencil, is now, turning into an instrument of plugging into a socket connected to the Internet system!!  If people would only realize, what we are doing now, is costing us more money and we’re becoming connected to a devise, rather than to another human being!!  Pretty soon people will not understand what it’s like to talk to another person because were to entertained in the world of electronics!!!  The “goal” is to be entertained by humans!!  Think about it??

It’s fun to be a Grandparent!!

Our family was just blessed with another Grandson on Friday!!  Both sides of the family are so excited about the new baby! His name is Gannon Joseph Fiecke.   Just to think he is a gift from God, a precious gift from God I might add!!  Just looking at the baby you see some resemblance from family members to another family member.  The baby looks so innocent, not a worry in the world. A beautiful child wanting to be held, loved, and nurtured!!.  In time he will be crawling, sitting, jumping, skipping, and running!  He will be showing the world his thoughts of what he believes the world should really be like.

Sometimes rain comes at the most inconvenient times!!

Today, we had the Winsted Festival Parade Festivities.  The clouds were black and of course, at the most inconvenient time the rain came.  Our parade was called off for an hour.  Despite the rain the function went on.  Some folks were die hards and made the best of it.  The music was good, the food gave an aroma through-out the park!  All the activities did the best they could in the situation which we were in.  One thing about the weather, it does what it wants, when it wants too!!  Everyone just made the best out of a situation you had know control over.  It’s also been said, “you can only get so wet!”  Despite the rain, memories were made through-out the weekend!

Stay hydrated, drink lots of water!

It’s that time of the year when heat is out to get you!!  Drink lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated!!  Stay in doors when the heat is hot and when humidity is up!!  Pull your shades and drapes, that’ll make your house cooler as well.  Try to eat salads, sandwiches, the non bake items.  Try not to start the oven for baking anything!!  Turn your ceiling fans on and let them circulate the air within your home.  Sit back and relax on those days if you can.  Have a great summer and stay cool!!!

Surrounding Communities beware!!!

The City of Hutchinson Police have a Public Emergency letter out to everyone!!  Be on the look-out for a Chevy pick-up, license number 971GPD.  They live in Lester Prairie and they like to enter small Businesses and take ATM money and or Pull-Tab money!  If you see their vehicle call 911 or 320-587-2242!  They are very much wanted by the Police.  Surrounding Communities need to be very cautious and be alert to this situation!!!

The Taste of Minnesota

This year the Taste of Minnesota held their festivities in Waconia again.  I didn’t go last year but, I heard a lot of people talking about it!  This year I received a free ticket of admission so, I decided to go.  There was no standing line so I got in right away.  They checked my purse for whatever, they thought I may have within my purse, nothing was found to be of violation to them!  There weren’t  very many people on the grounds.  They had at least 40 outdoor bathrooms, however, I only saw a couple in use.  The ticket lines had no one standing to purchase tickets.  The vendors looked bored and had high prices on their items, “For Sale!”  I then, heard some music so I ventured over to listen, with a small group attending. Then, I came to the kids section, there were rides, as I looked up at one of the rides that was going, it was revolving but, no one was on it!  The, I came upon another water event you could try and the ticket was $10.00!    Then, I wondered to the food section, to find the food priced so high I couldn’t comprehend their pricing!  I slowly left the event thinking, “how does one afford to go to their function?”  Anyone that I have talked to has said that it is to costly and they are right.  They are going to loose their attendance and their function is going to funnel to the ground!  I will not attend again, like most folks are choosing not to go as well!!  I will attend community events with my family instead!!

It’s time to go to our local parades!

It’s time to grab your lawn chair and a cold beverage and have a great time at any local parade!  Weekend after weekend, the local towns are sharing their beautiful floats and anything else that represents their town.  Then, of course the candy goes flying in all directions.  Ya got to have a tootsie roll for starters!  It takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate a parade so everything runs smoothly.  So, get out there and have fun and enjoy all the festivities the local towns have to offer!!  Have a great summer!!