Spring is here!

Today, we have officially skipped into the next season and we’re all loving that thought!  The grass will start to turn green and the trees will start to bud out.  The sun will shine brighter, giving us that vitamin D that we’re all in need of!  The air will be fresh so, inhale, close your eyes and enjoy the crisp fresh air of the spring season.  Have a great day and enjoy it to the fullest!!

Minnesota weather!!

We, just can’t win!  Here we go with the s-n-o-w- again!!  Mother nature decided to give us one more blast before we can actually say we are in the season of spring!  How can we go from 60 degree weather to inches of snow and yuck roads again!  Now, were all going to have to drive careful and slow down to get to our destination.  The one thing that amazed me one day, just recently was, when we were in a thunder storm warning, tornado warning, and the sun was shining and there was a rainbow!   Minnesota is so moody!!  I, guess we just have to make the best of it, even if it’s changeable everyday!!  Take care and slow down!!

Minnesota weather!!

Minnesota has a very diverse weather out-look!!  One day we have rain, snow sleet, winds, rainbow, hail, sun, frost, ice, & heat!!  We, go from one extreme to another in just a short time.  It’s hard to even know what to wear at times because of the sudden change in the weather!!  Driving conditions change as we travel to our jobs as well.  We never know what to expect in the morning or when we are returning home.  Who ever heard of having a tornado in March?  Where does this come from?  Our weather is so messed up that it’s hard to plan a vacation, not knowing what weather were going to have within our midst!  Soon, our spring will be here and then we will be headed into summer!!  Let’s just take it one day at a time and enjoy every moment that we have sunshine!!

Trump all the way!!

We, Americans best wake the hell up!!  Our country is in very dangerous position for the moment.  We need to let President Trump do his job to keep us safe!!  The building of the wall, the stopping the non, Americans into our country, the IsIs  and all the above that threaten our country and the safety of those living in America.  No one, should be scared to walk the streets, go to school, or live in your home!  President Trump has a plan and we need to let him do his job and not protest against it!!  America can be a beautiful place if we go along with President Trumps plan of action!  We, all have families at stake and the next generation needs to be keep under control!  Say a big prayer and live for making America beautiful again!!!

Valentines Day, right around the corner!!

It’s that time of the year when “Love” is in the air!!  A time to give that special person, a card, flowers, night out, or just time together at home!  Valentines Day, is a time to stop and think about the people we love in our lives and give them a boost of showing them we care for them.  There are many creative things we can do to show we appreciate another person in a way to make them feel loved!  Take the time and show others you care and love them for who they are!!  Life is fragile so be gentle and kind on this important day of the year!!

Drive slow!

Every winter season, I can’t help but hear or see someone in the ditch with their four wheels in the air!  Why?  How hard is it to understand, that in the winter time we have unpredictable weather!  The roads have snow. ice , and sleet, on them anytime of the day!  We, need to “think” before we rush out on the roads and pass folks going faster then the road conditions permit!!  We, are all at risk when winter and spring are here.  In the mornings, start out earlier so, you don’t have to rush, take your time and be a safe driver on the roads, set an example for others to follow!  Also, stay at a distance in case you would have to stop suddenly.  We, all need to be preventive people with safety on the brain!  Next, time you get into your car remember, to take your time and allow time to get to where-ever you need to go too?  Everyone has a good day when great things happen!!  Have a wonderful rest of the winter season and still, think safety when spring comes your way as well!!

Trump is our man all the way!!

Now, that Donald Trump is our new President, things will be happening for our country that we would never expect to have happen!!  Trump is a Christian and when you display love for your fellow mankind, hearts change!  He hasn’t been in office very long to understand the methods he’s going to put the American folks in.  We, do know that things are going to change and that change is going to be good change for the American people!  First, you have to believe and trust President Trump!  He will also deserve to be treated with respect and kindness as he goes on his Presidential journey!  Everything is new and his surrounding have grown much.  One thing to understand is that, his plans encompass all of America!!  We, are the American people and deserve our finest best!!  Always remember, that God has Blessed America!!