Thanks Giving a time for family

It’s that time of the year when Thanks Giving Day becomes a day for family to gather together!  It’s also, a time to think about all the many things we have been blessed with!  When you really sit down and think about it, we have been abundantly blessed with, family, friends, our home, jobs, clothes, our children, our President, school, churches, and the list goes on! We, are so busy through-out the year running here and running there, that we really don’t focus our attention on “how blessed” we actually are!  Most, importantly, we need to thank God for all he has given us as a family. Family is the foundation of life around us.  It’s our blood, our roots, our survival, in this world around us!  Be great-full today, tomorrow and whatever comes into play!  Our God is an awesome God!  Have a wonderful Thanks Giving and God’s Blessings to you and your family!!


Life is short!

Everyday, we take for granted all the things we have!  We, never stop to think about all our many blessing, we just keep walking one step in front of the other.  We, take for granted that what was their today, will be their tomorrow!  It doesn’t work like that!  We, live in a world of change, nothing stays the same, nor do we have two days that will ever duplicate themselves!  On our daily routine, we should always be great-full for the one who helped us, the one who smiled at us, the one who listened and gave us their shoulder to cry on!  “Thank You”  should be words we use everyday in appreciation to anyone who has given us any hospitality within our day.  Little things mean a lot so, keep a smile on your face and help others the best that you can with what you have to offer and one upon your journey in life!!!  As…life is short!

Mother’s Day

Yesterday, was a tribute to Mother’s all over the world!  Some received, flowers, cards, money, dinner, hand drawn pictures, a hug, or perhaps a soft spoken, “I Love You!’  It doesn’t matter what you received as, somewhere along the line, you were thought of in a dignified way!  Mother’s wear many hats in a day.  Their children depend on them in so many ways.  As, the mom grows older, more memories start to grow within the child’s heart.  It’s not until you are older that you really understand the hardship your mother put into raising you!  If, you have not ever noticed, a mother will do most anything for their children.  A child will also find their mother when something goes wrong, or when a child is down on their luck.  A mother know’s how to reach deep inside the mind of their child and know how to comfort them and bring him/ her back to face the world around them with a smile on their face.  Always, remember you have one birth mother who conceived you in love and wants the best for you in whatever shape or form they can raise you into being a healthy human being!

Happy Easter!

Easter is a time of renewal of ourselves!  The two holiday’s Christmas & Easter are like bookends.  Christmas is the story about how Jesus came into the world and became our Savior.  He spread the good news of salvation to all mankind!  He walked the dusty roads and heeled the sick and gave new life to those in need.  Many miracles He poured out to those around him and gave a new meaning to those who were in need of His mercy!  As, time went on, God had a plan and Easter was the ending note of His life on earth.  Three nail,  a crown of thorns, and a wooden tree, changed our world forever!  Jesus died and gave us new life!  “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!!”

We need a stable country!

Now, that we have our new President, it would be appreciated if he could do his job without someone causing trouble or blocking his roadway!  We, the American people have made progress in the last 50 days so, why not step to the side and go with the flow to helping make America great again?  Yes, those who aren’t legal in our country, they should have to leave!  We, the American people should not have to change our ways as, we are in America!  If, you don’t like what we have in our country, “leave!”  The door is wide open for anyone to go back to their own country!  Live your life where you feel comfortable and the language is of your liking!  We, don’t have to babysit anyone, today, tomorrow, or in the future.  The door is wide open for anyone who dislikes our President Trump as well!  So, either live up to what he has to offer or find the America door and slam-dunk out of here!  Trump is on the success road to making things better for all of us!  Like it, or take the highway!!

Spring is here!

Today, we have officially skipped into the next season and we’re all loving that thought!  The grass will start to turn green and the trees will start to bud out.  The sun will shine brighter, giving us that vitamin D that we’re all in need of!  The air will be fresh so, inhale, close your eyes and enjoy the crisp fresh air of the spring season.  Have a great day and enjoy it to the fullest!!

Minnesota weather!!

We, just can’t win!  Here we go with the s-n-o-w- again!!  Mother nature decided to give us one more blast before we can actually say we are in the season of spring!  How can we go from 60 degree weather to inches of snow and yuck roads again!  Now, were all going to have to drive careful and slow down to get to our destination.  The one thing that amazed me one day, just recently was, when we were in a thunder storm warning, tornado warning, and the sun was shining and there was a rainbow!   Minnesota is so moody!!  I, guess we just have to make the best of it, even if it’s changeable everyday!!  Take care and slow down!!