Easter, a celebration to acknowledge !

Easter is a celebration to acknowledge every year!  This time of the year folks are out shopping for all the assorted candies, eggs to be dyed, and all the frilly dresses accompanied by a matching hat.  Some focus on the Easter Bunny and all the sparkles that surround what the Bunny all does.  The reality that sparks Easter should be,  that Jesus died for us all because, He loved us!  We should all turn our heads in that direction of the church and truly, “think” about what was really done at the Easter celebration!  Christmas and Easter are like bookends.  Christmas is the birth of Jesus and Easter is the end of His life on earth.  These two celebrations bring forth so much love, of a person that walked the dusty gravel roads to proclaim the gospel and to make us more like Him!  We simply need to keep Him in our hearts all year long and be a little bit like Him in our walk in life!!

We’re almost into Spring!!!

A few more days and we can say “Good Bye” to Winter!  We have had enough snow, ice, sleet, cold weather, and wind!  It’s time to put that smile back on our face and put the coat, boots and mittens away for awhile!  The sun has been treating us good lately and warming things up a little for us.  Soon, the birds will start chirping, while flying in all directions to get our attention.  It’s time to inhale the wonderful fresh air.  Take advantage of all the sunshine we get, till we flip into Summer.  Enjoy your day to the fullest!!!

The weather is looking good!!!

We are finally getting some good weather and loving it!!!  The roads are decent to drive on, not having to slow down and watch for slick ice or a foot of snow to drive threw!  The sun has been shining and giving us something to smile about.  Everyday, this week the temperature is going to go up, till it hit’s 58 degrees.  We are all looking forward to the melting of the snow and the green grass appearing again!  It won’t be long and we will all be grilling and sitting in our lawn chairs relaxing.  I just got done washing my car, with hopes it will stay clean for a tiny bit.  Two more weeks and Spring will be here, along with the Easter Bunny so, let’s all keep our chin up and hope there isn’t anymore of that four letter word, “SNOW” within our area till next Fall!!  Enjoy, the beautiful weather and let the sun shine in!!!

Eagle Scout Ceremony!

I just attended an Eagle Scout Ceremony for, Liam Fury, from Winsted.  He had several display boards, picture albums, an array of metal pins of achievements, sash, the wooden cars for their derby race, and many other momentous earnings.  While looking at all of his achievements, I simply got to admit, I got exhausted, at what he had all done to earn his award!  Many scouts were their and their Boy Scout Leaders, family and friends.  There was a wonderful turnout for his ceremony.  The effort it takes, to finally get that Eagle Scout Award is beyond ones imagination!  Yet, everyday, he will be using these skills to the fullest.  How, what was taught, will remain with in him.  That’s simply wonderful and an attribute to our world around us!!  Eagle Scouts advance faster on job resumes, for they are known to be dependable and get things done and are filled with honesty!  To bad, every student doesn’t have such training from K-12 grade.  We would have better students and less on drugs and alcohol.  Something to think about!!!

Karma! Yikes!!!

If you don’t know what the word “Karma” means, you best understand it to it’s fullest!  They always say, “what comes around, goes around.”  There have been times when I have seen someone want the worst for another person, out of hatred, or to laugh at a person when things aren’t going good.  Well, that’s not always the best way to handle things.  I sometimes wonder if God isn’t just sitting back on the side lines and watching how we treat others?  It’s kinda like, once you’ve done something to someone that isn’t very Christian, you get a hammer over the head in just a short time!   I think were all aware, that life is a day to day process.  Some days are headaches, and some we can see and feel God’s presence around us.  The best thing to do is walk away if,  you don’t have something to share of a positive mind.  We all have our ups and downs and no one is exempt from being trampled on so, be kind, loving, and helpful to those around you!

Facebook is very entertaining!

Being with Facebook for several years, has made me wonder about many things!  First of all, whatever you write will be “Posted” for everyone to see and read.  Second, if you thought you had privacy, you have lost a portion of that.  Why is that?  Every time you “Post” something for others to read, your giving away information about yourself, where you live, what you like to do, where your going, what you dislike, names of family members, birthdays and all the above!  Then, some fall into “Posting” photo’s.  I think, we think, what we’re “Sharing” is just with close friends, well, the water keeps running, from one Internet to another one!  We, also get excited and “Post” our most exciting moments and “Share” more then we should, just because we’re beyond excited and aren’t thinking a “nutcase” is going to read it as well!  To go on a vacation is one thing but, to “Share” when your going, is not a smart thing to do, in the world of thieves on the loose!!  I sometimes wonder who all reads these Facebook messages, that we don’t even know who they are ?  The best thing to remember, is to be cautious, in all that you write in today’s world of the Internet!  Always “Think” before you “Post” something you don’t want the whole world to know!!

Fishing is a fun sport!

There are many sports a person can do to to occupy their time.  What is it about the sport that makes a person stay interested?  Some like excitement, challenge, staying busy, being with friends, or just the feeling of being included.  The lime-light of all sports would be, the excitement it brings for others to watch!  People like sports where the yelling and cheering bring your hands over your ears because, of all the excitement.  There are many who love the sport of fishing, the reeling in and seeing the catch of the day!  Fishing is challenging, to the point it may test ones temperament.  Then, to man handle the big fish, to play them out, and then slowly reel them in.  If, you are fortunate enough, a big fish could easily be mounted on your wall, to show your friends what you enjoy doing.  At any age, a child or adult can become a fisherman.  It’s a learning sport, of what to do, and what not to do.  It’s always fun to see everyone’s catch of the day!  It can also be a relaxing sport, to sit in peace and let the world pass you on by!  If, you do get your “catch of the day” remember to submit it to your local paper and show the world the sport you enjoy and the memories that will surround your catch of the day!