Mother’s are “Special!”

Now, that we got past Mother’s Day, we can go on our merry way, day by day, to think about all the good things most mother’s do!!  Sometimes we take for granted our mother.  A mother is their for a moment and some have already found that out for themselves!  We, sometimes take for granted all the things our mother has done for us and continues to do for us until, there is no mother.  We, all have one mother and one chance at life to be with our mother.  I cannot count the many “hats” a mother puts on in a day to fill her day!  The caring, running, and all the endless duties she does to keep her child/children content.  At the end of everyday, a mother is relieved to say, “I made it another day to fill the needs of my family.”  Always, remember your mother and put her on the list of priority, because she’s only here for a moment!

What is Target thinking?

For a store that is always top notch, then, to want any sex to use the bathrooms and not care about the gender using them?  How does one think this way for a store that’s always been so prim and proper?  So, many people have tore up their Target Credit Cards, some won’t go in the store and purchase anything, some are just plan mad and some are taking their business else where!  Why can’t Target build a third bathroom for those who don’t know what sex their trying to be in life, that would solve it all!!  I would not want my children going into any Target bathroom in fear of meeting up with one of those nut case, mixed up in the head folks!  It’s not safe or sanitary for anyone!  How can any store even think to say or do something so improper?  I was amazed by all the people who are standing up for this being wrong!!  We need to define our choices in life a little bit better than that!  If, they don’t make their quarter earnings, oh well, they should of thought a little bit better than what they did!!  I’ll shop else where, Thank You!!

With “Greatness” you can build a strong foundation!

Every once in awhile the word, “great/greatness” I hear and “Yes,” that’s an accomplishment in ones day!  What does the word “greatness” stand for? G = Gratitude R = Reliability E = Enthusiasm A = Accountability T = Tenacity N = Nobleness E= Excellence S = Spirituality & S = Servanthood!  If, you can to into action at least one of these words daily, the habits within you will bring out the best in you!  Then, stretch into using more of these word, as time goes on and your life will become more meaningful!  True greatness of character does three things:  It pleases God, it serves other people, and it satisfies you.  How can you loose? Have a great day and put these words into action within your day!

“You can’t fix stupid!”

I am totally convinced that, “you can’t fix stupid!”  I have met a lot of people in my day, some are kind, some are out spoken, some are shy, some are caring, some like to lie, some are cheaters, and then there are those that are, plain and simply “stupid!”  They create their own unhappiness in life!  Their only main objective is, to think about themselves!  They do things that are against the rules and think nothing of it.  They plain and simply act,  “stupid.”  There work ethics are to be desired, they have none!  Everything gets pushed onto other people so, they can act “stupid.”  I have noticed how they own up to nothing and are also not responsible for anything.  Many times, I have turned my head in a slanted position because, their, so called, “stupidity” has floored me, to the fact that they get by with their so called, “stupidity.”  I, simply grasp for fresh air because, I can’t comprehend their type of thinking as, I, myself would never get by with it if, I tried anything so, “stupid!”  They also have their own vocabulary, of saying, “I don’t care, whatever, who cares?”  I, questioned them, and it all falls back to their own neglect of responsibility!   If, they were responsible for their actions, they wouldn’t have to experience the bad outcome of their choices!  “Your choices, define you!” Only, when you have a positive good mental out look on life, will you achieve the happiness you deserve in life!!!

How “smart” do we think we are?

How “smart” do we really think we are?  That’s a million dollar question!  Playing Trivia can really set the record straight.  Even if, a person has four answers in front of us, we’re still scratching our head and trying to figure it out!!  It really gets us thinking and most often we have someone who comes up with a totally different answer to what we thought!  Then, comes the right answer and we duck and hide as we thought we knew the right answer.  Trivia, is a game that gets us thinking, know matter how difficult the question is.  We feel pretty smart when we get a few correct and then the ball drops when were stung with a question we don’t have an answer for!!  Anyway, you look at it, we’re still learning and having a great time!!

Dreaming Big!!

I, always wanted to put a family event together for the town of Winsted!  Meaning, I wanted children to the elderly to attend the event I wanted to put together, whatever, it might be!  I, then decided that Easter would be a fun time to put together a “Easter Bunny Bingo” through the Winsted Lions Hosting the event.  “What an idea!”  My thoughts were clear as to what I wanted to do, so, I gathered all my thoughts and off to work I went!  The gathering of donations was a breeze for me!  The businesses were so generous and kind hearted in giving, it almost made you cry!  I, got everyone organized, as to what each person should do.  God, was looking down on us every minute!  The time had come, our event was ready to let the folks come in and have the time of their life!  I, knew that 200 people would be attending for sure!  Then, the moment came, and people were still entering to play Bunny Bingo!!  We, were amazed that we had at least 400 people inside the Blue Note Ballroom, wanting to play Bunny Bingo!!  All the children were having fun and all ages were winning prizes!  The laughter was surrounding the room, while Bingo was being played!  After, all was said and done, we had made a lovely profit to share with our community!  The night made a memory for all that attended!!  It will be a big event next year!  Hope to see you all their having fun as a family!!!  God Bless!!

If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen!!

What a mouth full of words!!  I must say, there are a lot of people that should be shown the door when it comes to work, putting on events, and outings!  Some people find pleasure in causing grief in any situation.  For what reason, I’ve yet to know why??  To me their a waist of my time.  Just, absolutely take a hike!  They wear you down and stress you out to the limit!  Well, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!!  They tend to be negative, non productive, and are a waist of everyone’s time.  It almost seems like their in need of attention?  Well, I decided, it’s time, to be with those who accommodate and work well with you!!  Then, things will get done!!