Play it safe!!

The weather has been warm, it hasn’t been cold enough to freeze over the lakes!  It’s best to stay off with vehicles and fish houses, it’s not safe!!  To many people rush unto the lakes thinking, because we had a little bit of cold our lakes should be froze over.  Well, the lakes aren’t safe at all!!  It costs a lot to get a vehicle pulled out of a lake and then to think the person could have gone into the shallow water and could have died from the cold water!  Think, before you venture out onto the lakes.  There isn’t a fish that’s worth risking your life over it!!  Have a safe fishing season!!!

Antiques are memories close to the heart

I just started collecting some antiques to do a showing for some elderly folks!  They are going to be amazed at all the collectibles I have found from friends and family that will melt their heart!  It’s had to believe they used to use these items, I’m exhausted!  Some of the interesting items I found are:  The milk machine and strainer, veterinary syringe, milk can, hat with pins in, garter for nylons, Sunday purse, railroad clock, sweater minder, face powder & puff, old shave set, gunny sack, meat grinder, farmer’s milk pitcher, cookies press, laundry stick, and so much more.  The items I collected were made very good, therefore they lasted!  In today’s world, our things last but a few years.  The technology has come a long way, from back then.  All of these antiques are going to spark a soft spot in someones heart.  I, believe they are going to remember these collectibles and are going to reminisce about them in a heart warming way!!  I can’t wait to share these items with the elderly and hit their heart in a cozy warm way for the day!!!

The game isn’t over till the buzzer goes off!!!

Watching the Vikings and Seattle football game, made an impact to the heart, to anyone who watched the game!!  When…. are we ever going to learn, that just because a team is ahead by points, doesn’t make them a sure winner!!! “When the buzzer goes off, that’s when the fat lady  sings!!”  That is correct!  We have our minds so sure we are going to win because we are ahead, that when the final buzzer goes off, we are filled with disbelief!!  I’ve seen a basketball team win in 6 seconds!  I have come to believe, we can’t let our minds say, “we have the game!”  when their is minutes on the clock still clicking!!  Focus yourself on a big prayer, instead of a believing you have won and the game is still in progress!  The questions was, “how come the Packers lost so many games up until today?”  That’s because they used a different plan of action and it worked! It’s not who plays the game, it’s how you play the game that makes you win!!!  “Keep up the good work vikings, we love you regardless of the score!!!”


I’m liking the winter season so far!!

I am happy with the winter season thus far!  The snow fall has been within my tolerance and the roads have been within my stress level.  The cold is on the way but, I’m used to bundling up so, that issue doesn’t make me upset at all!  To drive at a sensible speed limit is the key to making it through the winter season.  We only have about 13-15 weeks of winter left, grin and bear it!  We have been dodging the bullets, when severe weather has been mentioned!  Lucky us!!!  This is where, taking one day at a time comes into practice.  Eventually, we will get back to the normal weather conditions we like, we just have to, “hang in there!”  Have a blessed day and remember to buckle up, stay warm, and drive slow on nasty days!!


As, I look around the country side, there is no snow to be seen!  By this time of the season, we would have already had the shovel out and snow blower waiting to be used.  Although, this isn’t our normal weather for this time of the year, I sure am liking it!  I’m not one who likes to drive on ice, snowy roads, and or sleet.  It feels good to cruse along at the normal speed limit to get to work.  I hope this will shorten our winter a little bit?  The fishermen and snowmobile jockey’s aren’t liking this one bit!!  They want their snow and their cold weather to snowmobile or fish and get the “Big” ones!  In time. I’m sure we’ll get a little dusting and it will feel like winter just when we least expect it to come.  Anyway, you look at it, Christmas will come and go and we ‘ll all still be happy because we were with friends and family!!  Have Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!!!  Drive safe and slow!!

We need someone to protect our Country!

Our Country is in great demand of someone giving the right direction!  We, as American’s can’t just sit back and do nothing about how our country is being run!  Everyday, feels like were sinking into a distressful situation, that soon we won’t be able to get ourselves out of!!  There are so many laws, policy’s, and correctness about living in the country we live in!  We should not have to stoop over for anyone who is telling us how to live in America!!  If you can’t read, write, or have Religious beliefs that aren’t being met here, GO back to your own country and stay there!  We speak English here and have American currency, don’t mess with our way, to make that change to suit your needs!  Our jobs need people who understand and can read English and get the work done.  We send so many things over to help the poor, sick, and needy, why is this not enough?  We are brave American and need to stand for that which is right!  Let’s not crumble to the ground!  Let’s stand firm on our beliefs and make this country “STRONG!”

Getting ready for Christmas!

Every year, Christmas approaches and we seem to do just about the same things.  We purchase a tree or at least, we set one up!  We decorate inside and outside of our home.  We send Christmas cards to our loved ones,  bake cookies and shop till we drop!!  That pretty much sums it up for this particular Holiday.  As, our families start to grow, it seems like our house gets smaller and our table extends out farther, to get everyone around it!  It is a truly wonderful feeling to have our loved ones around the Christmas Tree or to at least talk to the ones who are afar.  Christmas is a time of giving from the heart and acknowledging that baby Jesus is the reason for the season!  To sing a few songs, brings back memories of the past, from when we were small.  At Christmas time, enjoy each other for the moment, as we grow into the coming New Year!!!