Guns VS People

After the shooting that took place in Florida, some people think that guns need to be banned!   Without argument, this was a school tragedy, that we all can agree on!  When all sides were presented, it all stems back to the one who used the gun to kill 17 people within the school system!  A gun, it’s self, cannot kill a person.  It takes a person who is in rage, who is evil, who is filled with hatred, and their heart is lacking good from within!  People, kill people, for those reasons.  Any one can own a gun legally, if, they follow the guidelines.  A person who has mental problems can fall into problems, when depression and not taking medication fall hand into hand.  It’s the person, who is responsible for their action of pulling the trigger!  We, all want a safe surrounding, any where we go, so, let’s keep our ears open to anything that doesn’t sound right and contact Police officials if something doesn’t seem quit right within our day!!! Safety is first, in today’s world!!


Winning in sports!

Most everyone, enjoys attending some type of sport, whether it be football, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, hockey, golfing, or soccer.  To me, that’s all very entertaining and something to do, to pass the time along.  However, that’s just the start as to why we engage in them.  Some are involved in sports because, it gives them a sense of identity, challenge, a purpose, acknowledgement, skills, or just hanging out with friends and having fun!  Then, we get the chance to experience winning and loosing, how fun is that?  Attitude, takes shape from within and is our direct Teacher.  There’s always got to be a winner and a looser in any game.  How we choose to present ourselves at any game, comes from within and challenges our attitude!  To run off and pout, is not good sportsmen-ship, to hand shake and have a healthy attitude, puts us in the drivers seat!!  There are always many other times that we can try to win again, we haven’t lost the world by loosing, we gain confidence, trust, and thinking skills along the way!   Take the time to celebrate everything you have learned along the way and in time you will achieve and master what God has had in store for you all along!!

People with wisdom make the world a better place to live in!

As, you grow older, you discover that, some people that are in your life are nothing but trouble!  You listen to their words and there nothing but fowl, rude, disrespectful, negative, and they’re non-productive to the world around you!  Life is to be joyous, positive, learning, discovery, respected, and you are to be loved for whom you are!  All of us, are etched into being the person God intended us to be!  Live your life to the fullest, being around people who bring out the best in you, who teach good things to you and others around you! They give good advice and they are there for you when life is looking dim.  They pick you up and give you a boost and send you back on your journey feeling like a million, by what they say and do to bring up you spirits!  We, all look for good people who can give good advice and once we follow it, we begin to trust who they are and feel like we can believe them in any situation.  We, are all Teachers in life, however, to listen to a babbling negative person, is not anything we need in life!  A person with much knowledge & wisdom is nothing but pure gold in today’s world around us!!

The Minnesota Vikings win in 10 seconds!

The Minnesota Vikings win in just 10 seconds left in the game!  What an unbelievable game to watch by T.V. or sitting in the Dome!! It was a football game we can say we made History, in those last 10 seconds!  Iv’e always been told, “that’s it’s not over till the buzzer goes off!”  When looking around, the Dome was filled with Viking fans of all walks of life, anxious to watch the game and predict who’ll be the winner and go on to the next level!  In the first and second quarter, the Vikings were on top of the game and even ahead, nice, then, the game got tougher for them as, the Saints were gaining field goals & touch downs right before our very eyes! Now what?  They caught up to the Vikings and were even ahead of us!  That was upsetting us, we want to win, SKOLL!  I, wonder how many Vikings players, Officials, parents, and fans were looking up to God in those last 10 seconds, asking for God’s winning plan?  How many Vikings players realized, there is a God!  The players even asked, how did that happen, they couldn’t explain it?  It was a God from up above, who had a better plan and wanted to show everyone, that in just seconds miracles can happen, if, you ask for help!  God wants us to believe, the most difficult, unexpected circumstances, He can change in like a flip of a switch, if, we believe in Him!!

The New Year!

We are just hours away from launching into 2018!  I am excited and can’t wait to see what this year brings!  It doesn’t matter what or how we think things should be like, God is in control, so, sit back and see what is in store for you! Everyday, is different and planned out for each of us. This year, we should all get on our list of to-do’s….is to pray for our President, the safety of our country, and peace all around us!! There has been so much corruption in all areas of our country, it is sad to see and hear about.  God has given each of us a heart to love and to be loved.  Let’s make America great again and prove to the world around us, that we can find peace from within!!

Thanks Giving a time for family

It’s that time of the year when Thanks Giving Day becomes a day for family to gather together!  It’s also, a time to think about all the many things we have been blessed with!  When you really sit down and think about it, we have been abundantly blessed with, family, friends, our home, jobs, clothes, our children, our President, school, churches, and the list goes on! We, are so busy through-out the year running here and running there, that we really don’t focus our attention on “how blessed” we actually are!  Most, importantly, we need to thank God for all he has given us as a family. Family is the foundation of life around us.  It’s our blood, our roots, our survival, in this world around us!  Be great-full today, tomorrow and whatever comes into play!  Our God is an awesome God!  Have a wonderful Thanks Giving and God’s Blessings to you and your family!!

Life is short!

Everyday, we take for granted all the things we have!  We, never stop to think about all our many blessing, we just keep walking one step in front of the other.  We, take for granted that what was their today, will be their tomorrow!  It doesn’t work like that!  We, live in a world of change, nothing stays the same, nor do we have two days that will ever duplicate themselves!  On our daily routine, we should always be great-full for the one who helped us, the one who smiled at us, the one who listened and gave us their shoulder to cry on!  “Thank You”  should be words we use everyday in appreciation to anyone who has given us any hospitality within our day.  Little things mean a lot so, keep a smile on your face and help others the best that you can with what you have to offer and one upon your journey in life!!!  As…life is short!