What inspires you the most?

In my lifetime, I have found many things that inspire me!  While doing what inspires me, makes me happy and content in the world around me!  When you are inspired, you never have to ask about your purpose. You’re living it.  You feel purposeful.  What is your passion?  What stirs your soul and makes you feel like you’re totally in harmony with why you showed up here in the first place?  Whatever it may be, you can provide a service for others, I can guarantee it!  Never think about failure as it’s an illusion.  No one ever fails at anything.  Everything you do produces a result.  Have love for yourself and for what you do in life.  When you have love within yourself, fear cannot survive.  Follow your dreams.  Be enthusiastic about all that you do!

We are here for a reason!!

The world we live in is an intelligent system in which every moving part is coordinated by every other moving part.  Everything orchestrates together in perfect harmony!  When we are born, our work is placed in our heart.  So, we have to figure out, “what is our work and what is our purpose?” What we do in life, will either make us happy or sad. Either you will feel betrayed by your music or you will feel whole and complete.  You will feel fulfilled and at peace.  Get out their and let your music from within play.  Let the world know why you are here, and do it with passion.  Follow your instincts.  Get out there and love what you do!  When you have love within you, fear cannot survive.  Be yourself and show the world what you enjoy doing!  Don’t die with that music still in you!!!

The beginning of the week!

It’s hard to believe we’re at the beginning of the week!!  September has gone so fast and the weather has been beautiful for the most part.  The tree’s are starting to change colors and the cool air is starting to set in.  It’s time to get the jackets out and put all the play toys away for the season!  Enjoy, everyday to the fullest!  They say we are to have a beautiful Fall season, so, take in all the last minute, sun-shiney days we have left!  The harvest from the gardens are next to being done as well.  Have a great day and take in all the beauty from around you!!

BMX bike racing, how exciting!

BMX bike racing, something fun for the kids and possibly the adults to try as well!!  It’s so interesting to watch, the up and down and around the dirt corners as fast as they can achieve it!!  The greatest factor is, their wearing all the protective gear to make it safe.  One thing too, is you’ll never know who the winner is until they pedal to the finish line.  It’s all about competition, speed, and keeping yourself focus on the dirt trail to the finish line!  If, your child likes to bike, here’s an opportunity to try something fun and interesting.  Directly behind the Napa Store, to the South, in Glencoe, they have competition this Saturday night.  Register your child at 6:00- 6:30 p.m. and let the fun begin!!

The beauty of the Fall Season!

It’s starting to get a little bit chilly out there!  Folks are starting to wear a jacket during the day and closing the window at night time.  The leaves are turning different colors, giving us beauty all around!  God has a way of showing off His beautiful world that He created!  Soon, the flowers will close their eyes and return their beauty next summer.  It’s amazing how different colors can brighten our world and make it attractive!  God has wonderful ways to bring out beauty to the world around us year round.  We just need to take the time and look around and appreciate all that we have!

We need some type of gun control!

I am absolutely astounded by all of the Police that have been killed, wounded, or attacked over a short period of time!!  Our nation has never seen such an out-lash done in our society, why start now?  Police are to protect us and in doing so, they are trained to help people, restrain, and put people in jail who commit crimes, that is to protect each and every community, to make it safe!  If, you do wrong, what do you expect will happen to you?  Don’t you feel if you do wrong you should be held accountable for what you did?  Then, to think you’ll never get caught??  But… you do!!!!  How can a person hold inside of them a crime they have committed and not let it out and let it bother them?  Crime is crime!!  Then, to think guns kill people?  They do not kill people!!  It’s the person behind the gun that kills people.  They have mental problems, hatred,  jealousy, behaviors, and they need help!  In our society, drinking has been a major problem, on the road and off the road!  If, you can’t handle drinking, stop, and drink something you can drink without causing a fight, car crash, or a disturbance!  Everyone needs to be accountable for themselves and their actions, live life to help others, not to hurt others!!

Helping one another!

The word, “help” is many times said and so often written.  It has many definitions and needs to be met!  It’s a big word with endless hours of work behind it as well.  Everywhere you turn, there is someone asking for a needed hand or a donation of some kind.  Our world has become a better place because we have given from the heart.  Many people are in need of something we have, that we could easily live without.  Why not donate and help another person when in need.  It’s a way of life, if you ever knew Jesus.  Jesus walked the winding dusty roads and stop and helped people along the way.  He never stopped helping people for that was His mission on earth.  We, are now taught to do the same to our fellow men.  It’s rewarding and make you feel good inside.  Your just passing your love from one person to another person!!