Today’s technology

I was looking at a book today, with pictures and stories that went in conjunction with the pictures.  I was absolutely amazed, how technology has put our fingers and our mind focused in a different world!  The pictures in the book were of, a child on a swing-set, two boys playing basket ball outdoors, two children playing catch with a ball, one child sitting on a park bench reading a book to himself, a boy riding a bike, a girl taking a dog on a leash for a walk, and two girls were playing cards together.  All of these pictures were of children doing something healthy and fun, there were know cords attached to what they were doing.  In other words, technology wasn’t a part of anything they were doing.  They were interacting with each other as two humans and paying attention to one another.  They weren’t on their cell phones or computers talking to someone at a distance!  Sometimes, human to human interaction is the key to a healthy life style.  The eye contact, touch, voice, and the physical presence of another human ,is so important to our daily living.  May we find the time in our day to be of importance, without being attached to a cell phone or any device with a cord attached and share some portion of our day in the presence of another human, instead of technology devices being hand held or attached to ourselves!  Were here  to interact and love each other by physical means, not technology devices galore!!

Nice weather!!!

We finally received some nice weather, that was even nice enough to melt most of the snow we got from our last blast of snow fall!  It has been a very long winter and we deserve to have some closure to all of that nasty weather and go forward in life.  The birds have been chirping and landing on the branches and sending a lovely tune that is “welcome” to any ones’ ear!  The grass is staring to turn green in spots on the lawn.  It makes you feel like summer is on the way.  Then the wonderful temperatures we have received, how blessed we were today!  Easter may be a better holiday than what we thought we were going to have.  When the sun is out and sending us rays of warmth, we all feel better and are in a happy disposition all together.  Let’s hope we can continue in this mode of beautiful weather while asking God to, “Let the Sun Shine in!!”  Have a great day!!!!

April Fools Day

April Fools Day is a day that many folks like to play pranks on one another!!  It’s a day to keep on your toes, to not let anyone take you for a fool.  If you’ve ever been “fooled” you’ll admit, it’s not to funny at the moment.   Once you have been laughed at, the next year that April Fools Day comes around, you’ll be on guard not to have it happen again!  I’ve heard so many stories in the past that, it’s like I want to wonder, who hasn’t ever been fooled?  It even amazes me that April Fools Day is a part of our yearly calendar.  I suppose one day out of the year were all entitled to a little humor and laughter.  Well, today’s the day, so be prepared, so no one makes a fool out of you!!!  Have a great day and beware!!!

Finally we have some good weather!!!

We are finally blessed with some good weather.  You can actually drive on the roads at speed limit without skidding in the ditch, while hitting a patch of ice!  The sun is out, something we all need to enjoy as it perks us up and makes us feel better.  Looking around, were still seeing high snow banks here, there, and everywhere.  They are slowly going down as the sun beats against the high banks melting the snow.  Now, we need to watch-out for flooding.  If the snow melts slowly, we should be alright, but if we have a heat wave along the way, we may be in for some flooding.  Be prepared with those sand bags, because we will most likely need them with the snow we have been entertained with, this long cold winter.  Have a most blessed day and enjoy the beautiful sun today!!

St Patrick’s Day!!!

Today, is the day, where the Irish stand out!  You will see a lot of people dressed in green, even if they aren’t an Irish person.   Some communities have their own St. Patrick’s Day Parade!  How special is that?  The bar owners may even advertise the selling of, “green beer.”  It’s just a fun day to be a part of advertising the shamrock in anyway possible.  Have a great day and remember to be a part of an exciting day where shamrock green is a hit for the day, know matter how you wear it or display it!!

Excess Gambling!!

Just about anywhere that you go, there is some type of gambling at the palm of your hand.  You got the Pull-Tabs, Scratch-off’s, Bingo, Horse Racing, Keno, Lottery, and Gambling machines in a variety of ways!!!  I like to do some gambling but, a little here, and there, just for fun, and entertainment! I just recently witnessed a person with a definite Gambling problem.  He would walk up to a machine and put a $20.00 bill into the machine and push a button and a handful of pull-tabs would fall into a try at his convenience.  The first time I watched him, I didn’t think much of it.  Then, we noticed he would pull the pull-tabs as fast as he could and would return as soon as he was done, immediately!  As, my husband and I listened to the music being played at this bar, we both saw him return many times.  My husband even made the comment, that he must have spent at least $300.00 and that was in a short time!  Then, we noticed that he would leave his billfold on top of the bar wide open unattended, as he went back for another handful of pull-tabs.  There was no sign of him wanting to quit or excited that he had won!  I was exhausted by what I had witnessed as, I have bills to pay and can’t freely spend money like running water!!  At the tail end of the night, him and his wife got out unto the dance floor and danced, everyone cheered them on!  I was only to pleased to see him out on the dance floor, then pulling another pull-tab! I told another person what I had seen at this particular bar and the person told me that this is his every weekend fun thing to do. I exhaled! The sad part about all of this was, his small framed, tiny little wife, was a waitress at this bar!  He pulled pull-tabs and she worked, while he had fun with his illness of gambling!  The sadder part of all this was, he pulled more pull-tabs in dollar amounts than what she earned the whole week at work!!!!  It all will catch-up to him sooner or latter!  What an experience to witness on a fun night out!

Winter madness, let’s add some humor!!

The first week in February, I heard on the radio that every second to fourth day we would be having some type of weather issues, to the end of the month!  Well, that weather announcer was right, give him a raise!!  This last winter storm has left many people baffled.  The snow, ice, winds, white-outs, blizzard conditions, freezing rain, sleet, and the low temperatures, have left us breath-less!!  The best place to be, was indoors to be safe!  The road conditions, were the worst I have ever heard or saw for such a length of time.  One man decided to add some humor to everyone’s day.  His car was parked in a mound of snow, not going anywhere to soon, so he decided to build a snowman on the trunk of his car.  People who drove by laughed and this winter humor cheered them up!  One person sent a Valentine with fake snow inside as, he was sharing some snow with other family members!  Another person, carved out of a large snow mound, a older mans face.  Looked pretty impressive. It’s when we’ve simply had enough that humor sets in by some!  They find some creative way to make the best out of the drudgery and make people laugh.  We need those people in our lives!  I, myself, was stranded in Waconia, from Thursday to Sunday!  Glad I had a bag packed with all the trimmings!  The most important thing was, “I was safe!”  I got to hear many stories about the weather outside, from those traveling. All the cars, trucks, and snowplows in the ditch, due to the  icy road conditions.  Whatever it takes, try to find some humor or share some humor, to make the world a better place to live in, till the grass turns green!  Have a great day and stay safe!!