Slow down on those snow-icy roads!

Now, that we have officially reached the winter season, it’s time to take caution and travel at a slower speed limit, bundle up and stay warm!  Our weather is unpredictable this time of the year.  The temps drop below zero, wind, icy roads, snow, sleet, and anything else that makes the winter hard to tolerate.  We need to travel only when we need too.  We also need to slow down and travel at a speed limit that’s within the road conditions to stay safe.  There has been many death related accidents due to the ice and snow build up.  Try to give yourself extra time to get to your destination.  We will all survive the winter, if we “think smart” about winter travel!

What a beautiful fall we have had!

The last two previous winter’s have been nothing to write home about!  Two years ago, we had snow in September, and last year we had snow on October 19th!  Then, we had every three days we had weather issues for over a month.  We went from summer to winter, the one year!  I am not a big fan of winter at all, I must admit.  I don’t mind the cold but, when we have freezing rain, loads of snow to travel threw, I detest everyday I have to travel in it!  I find it very annoying to see people traveling at 55 mph on slippery roads.  This year, please “slow” down everyone and take your time to get to your destination.  We have so much to be Thankful for this year.  The tree’s were gorgeous this year, giving us the beauty to it’s fullest.  God’s art work is very amazing and we need to appreciate the beauty that was surrounding each and everyone of us this year.  May we have a calmer winter this year so, we can have safe travel to and from our destinations this year!

Muslims are getting out of control!!!

Every time, I scroll down on Face Book, I see something beyond my comprehension, that a Muslim person has done to a human being!  The last story i saw, a little girl was burned to death for wearing lip stick!  She was totally on fire and her body was 90% burned.  These are the people that we leave into our country?  We should feel safe, not afraid of other people from different countries!  If people from different countries can’t adapt to the American life style, then they should stay in their own country!  We don’t have to change our ways to fit their agenda!  Our country is under so much turmoil, we don’t have much breathing space.  I feel like we are under attack all the time!  All you hear about these days, are that people are missing, people killing other people, cars being stolen, credit cards being messed with, same-sex marriage, and all the above that goes with that issue, shootings in schools, Priest molestation, bullying in schools, hacking, and many more topics I’ve missed!  The agenda is full, where do we start to find peace and harmony in our world?  My guess would be to…. make good choices everyday that fit God’s life style!!!  He’ll be so proud of you!!!!!!!!!

Making our world a better place to live in!

When growing up, our life style was much more people interacting.  We actually talked to one another face to face, rather than, cell phone, e-mail, or Internet.  The bonding was there, we had people to interact too, verses, talking to an answering machine, text message, or a person at the other end that was voice activated!  Now, days we are people talking to machines, the interaction is know longer human to human being.  We are finding more short cuts to saving time, yet, the voice and the hearing of another person is not really their to listen to you any longer.  People are behind doors that are shut, waiting for an e-mail.  I don’t want to be bothered by another human being.  The sympathy isn’t humanely extended to one another like we did years ago.  We have seconds with people now days, where years ago you sat down and visited and listened with heart-felt empathy.  “You cared!”  People are on the go, our picnic tables are hardly used.  A pencil, what is that?  The technology has gone to the degree, where it’s human to machine interaction.  We need human to human back in our society to an degree!  We need our five senses back into the humanity of our society.  We need the touch, taste, touch, see, hear, and smell within our environment!  These things are needed a lot to make our world a better place to live and grow in.


Look at those beautiful leaves on the trees!

We have got to say we have been blessed with a beautiful fall season this year!  God’s art work can be pretty amazing at times.  Now, is the time to jump in the car and go for a joy ride and simply take a look at the beauty that surrounds us.  The misty rain that we just had, has dropped a few of our leaves to the ground.  Soon, we will be looking at bare tree’s and rustic fields.  This week, we do have some sensational weather ahead of so, take the time and enjoy all that you can before  we are home – bound in doors!  Most importantly, inhale the cool crisp air that we have been having on the early start of the morning.  It’s all worth your time, enjoy, and have a great day!!!

It’s time to grab the coat!

We have had a beautiful fall so far, with hopes of having a few more days of some nice weather, before that four letter word, “snow” comes into place.  The leaves are slowly falling one by one to the ground, with thoughts of bare trees again, brings a shiver to my soul!  I look at our flower bed and rock garden and still see flowers that are showing their toughness, as they are not showing any signs of wanting to shrivel up and die quite yet.  The corn in the fields are drying up ,and in time the farmers will all be out in the fields to all hours of the night trying to get their crops in.  Right now, is the time to get anything you want in doors and protected from the bad winter ,that’s a waiting us all!  Looking for the ice scraper and shovel are most important items to have inside your car, ready for usage.  We all need to start preparing ourselves, just like the squirrels do, for the winter ahead of them.  To be proactive, is the best solution to being on top of the next season that’s willing to come without notice!  So, be prepared an don’t let the winter get ya down!!

Enjoy the beautiful weather

We can’t help but say, we have had some wonderful weather!  There is a little bit of crispness in the air and the trees are beautiful!  When looking around the country side when travel, everyday the trees are starting to change colors day by day!  The field will soon be rustic and bare.  The flowers are starting to close their buds and wither together.  Fall is a colorful time of the year and much of God’s beauty is shown all around.  Folks are starting to do their last minute look around in the garden, mow the lawn, pick the apples, grapes, and tomatoes.  The pumpkins are of their bright orange color and ready to be carved next month!  We have so much to be thankful for this fall as, every leaf makes it’s way to the ground!  We have had a beautiful fall season this year!!