He’s only three!

It’s amazing what a three year old can do now days!  I babysat three of my grandchildren last week and had a wonderful time!!  The five year old loved to ride on his bike and make good conversation.  The eleven month old, just sat and smiled. The three year old was full of fun!  He said to me, “Grandma, watch me, i know how to do something fun!”  I sat their and waited.  He got his plastic bat and ball.  He put the bat on his shoulder and the ball in his hand, up, he threw the ball and swung the bat and hit the ball.  The ball went flying high in the air and at a long distance!  I was surprised by what he could do!  He then, turned his body towards me to make sure I was watching him.  He then, proceeded to throw the ball in the air and hit the ball again.  This time the ball flew at a fast speed towards me ,and I raised my hands to protect my face and the ball smacked into my arm!  I chuckled and was amazed by the power he had.  I told him, that I thought it was time we did something else as, I didn’t think it would be to good if the babysitter got knocked out!!  I then, mentioned it to his father when he came home and he replied, “Oh, he hits the ball over the house!”  I was shocked by the power he had to hit the ball at such a distance.  What’s he going to do when he’s in tea ball?   Grand slams???

The “crud” is out there!!!

Anywhere you go, be careful of what you touch and whose coughing within close distance of yourself!  The “crud” is out there and it’s no fun!!  In the last week, I have heard of many people being very sick.  The severe headache, sore throat, sinus pressure, high temp, feeling very tired and weak.  Then, I heard some are throwing-up and running a high temp.  Next, some have very loose stools, weak, and running a high temp.  I had the sore throat, headache, and sinus pressure, it will put you in bed!  Then, just when you think your feeling a little bit better, it all returns to haunt you for the second round!!  Most importantly, it’s really bad to have any of the above happen to you during the summer months as, you can get very sick and will have to go to the Doctor!  So, be very careful not to get infested in all of the bad germs that surround you!!  Take care and have a nice day!!!

Ready – set – go!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Winsted Lions are planing to return with more determination to Rails and Trails on ,Friday, July 18th.  The Winsted theme this year will be, “Fast and Furious.”  We’re excited and raring to go, “look out Watertown, here we come!”  Please come and support the Winsted Lions at 7:30 pm. on main street, Watertown to cheer us on!!!  There is much to see and do, so come one and all to a fun time event!!!!

Enjoying the summer!

This summer we have been blessed with rain and sunny days!  On the nice sunny days, you need to take advantage of those days and do whatever you can outdoors because, rain is sure to find us and put a damper on things we much enjoy outdoors!  I have seen a lot of people grilling , fishing, sitting and relaxing in the parks, playing lawn games, golfing, riding horse, biking, going for walks, etc.  It ‘s so wonderful, to just sit and take in the fresh air, the calm breeze, and relax, while listening to the birds chirp at each other.  Summer time, is the time to admire the beauty of the flowers all around us!  It’s a colorful world around us and God know’s how to bring it to our attention!  The fairs bring out the best in any community, with their aroma of their food, the kids games, music, beverages,  fire works, and parades!  Now, is the time to take advantage of all the fun festivities you can!   Have a great day and find some fun activities!!!

How exciting!!!

Some people just know how to fish!!! It takes a lot of patience and the right kind of know it all to get a fish.  You have to have the right depth for your line in order for the fish to even see what they can devour!  Then, you have to have a worm or lure or something of their interest to want to take a jab at it.  It’s kind of like a work of science.  You have to be smarter than the fish!  My son just landed a 37 inch pike on lake ann.  I was amazed by the length of it, when he held it up for a picture!  Wow, what a dandy!!  It’s like this for him all the time, he has a passion for fishing and knowledge that goes with it from all his experiences he has had with fishing!  Some people mount their fish as a memory of their good time and the luck they had that particular day!!  All in all, it’s a fun sport and gives you food on the table and memories to share!!!!



Way to go James!!!!

So sorry!! I had a virus on my computer!!!  The worst ever!!!  It took a little bit,to get me back to be able to enter into my blog.  Now, were ready to go!!!  My little Grandson James Conklin, 5 years of age, loves to enter the children’s pedal tractor pull.  He started on Saturday, June 21st ,at Hamburg, Zummer Fest Pedal Pull.  He surprised the spectators with excitement of his steady pace of determination, of being the first to complete a full pull at 48 ft. in the 5 year old division!  James received a 1st place Trophy and papers, advancing him to the State Competition this fall in Hutchinson.  Then, on Sunday, he participated in the Stewart, children’s pedal tractor pull.  He went 28 ft. giving him a full pull again!  He received another 1st place Trophy!  Next, he went to Howard Lake to give it his best shot!!  He did another full pull but, so did two other kids, leaving it as a three way tie!!!  All three of them had to pull again, leaving James with a third place Trophy!   Good job James ,hope to see you at more children’s pedal tractor pull’s!!!  His cheering fans were his parents, Matt and Krystal Conklin and his brothers, Owen and Charlie.  Grandparents, Allen and Jan Conklin of Glencoe.  Steve and Pam Fiecke of Winsted.  Great Grandma Aggie Fiecke of Silver Lake!!!  Congrats!!!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a very special day to reflect upon all of those who went to battle for us.  They gave of themselves unselfishly, to keep us safe from morning to night.  It takes a certain person to fulfill that type of need from their heart.  Today, is all about the red, white, and blue colors, that each one proudly stood for, to make a difference in our world today!  We applaud every soldier for making our world a better place to live in from the beginning of time!  A soldier has a little bit of Jesus in them as they take their walk in life.  We can only be so grateful, that we have had so many dedicated soldiers to up-hold our Nation!  We salute “YOU!”